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Presenting new originals artwork & collectable editions by “the coolest artist on the planet” - BBC. This show stopping collection makes a powerful statement, captivating the viewer with a strong and intriguing narrative.

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Todd is thrilled to be heading back to Toronto in person in June! Come see him in person and identify with some art!



Thank you to all who travelled from near and far to join us for our second ever show at our Art of White HQ in Dripping Springs, TX.  We enjoyed connecting with everyone!  The show was fantastic and the quality time in the studio while Todd painted was even more special!   We cant wait to see you again.  Stay tuned for upcoming tour dates.



The Wolf” Original Oil Had a great inspiring weekend I wanted to share this with you.

On Friday & Saturday nights the kids (all 5) stay in the studio with me and I give them art assignments. last week it was “draw monsters” this week it was draw 1/2 person 1/2 animal.. 

So my oldest Ronin (12) and talented in art starts drawing these chicken men with “dads” suits on them.. I dug it so we all started drawing these chickens with outfits. This might be Because we live on a ranch with over 100 chickens running around. swipe left to see the drawings. 2 center reds are mine the 3 others are Ronins and the bottom is Sawyer (6)  Then Ro asked if we could paint these I pulled out some acrylic paints and gave him a few concepts of painting and rules that I personally have and sent him to work, You can see the results after the sketch if you continue to swipe.  I also jumped in on it and started painting some of the chickens, the wolf was my 4th one. This was great for me personally, painting and drawing with my kids no concern about how it turned out no worry if anyone would like this.  Kids told me this was the greatest weekend they ever had. Paid in full.  I’ll post my other 4 in the following post. Thank you for reading. #chickenart - Todd White



We are excited to host a Todd White show at our Art of White HQ in Dripping Springs TX!  The last show held here was back in 2019 which feels like forever ago!  We are excited to connect with collectors and friends and for everyone to come identify with your favorite Todd White Art!



We are excited for our first "Post Covid" show in person with Marcus Ashley Gallery in Lake Tahoe California!  Please join us July 16th and 17th, 2021!

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Star of Undercover Billionaire, Grant Cardone acquires Vintage Todd White Original "Behind The Velvet Rope" to be displayed in the home in Miami...Posts Original to his IG with 3.3M followers!



Visit for more info



Long time friend and Jiu-Jitsu training partner Joe Rogan interviews Todd White! So much has changed since the first Joe Rogan interview (#44 with Jean Jacques Machado and Eddie Bravo).  Visit Joe Rogan's website for more information or go to Spotify to watch now.

The Lies She Tells, I Believe Them So We


Todd White is featured in Art World News!



World renowned artist Todd White has immortalized Gennedy Golovkin in two dynamic oil paintings.  These images are now available in a rare collectable limited edition.  The character and personality of Golovkin are revealed in these new original paintings.  Todd White, the pride of Austin, Texas views subjects through the lens of his unique perspective allowing him to create masterpiece painting of iconic personalities.



If you live or visit the Austin area, be sure you enjoy lunch or dinner at Shore Raw Bar & Grill!  While dining, you are surrounded by Todd White Art and can explore the many talents of Todd from the stained concrete floors and countertops, to the Skull tile mosaic at the entrance, the Bar centerpiece, host stand, and much more!

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THE DEVIL'S IN THE DETAIL BOOK takes us through some of the seminal moments in Todd’s career, from the early days of sleeping in his car to the dizzy heights he has reached over more than two decades. Reading his own stories in his own voice will confirm that this is a man with a big, bright and charismatic personality as well as a strongly grounded private individual with a fascinating tale to tell. Highly illustrated with artwork, previously unseen photography and sketches, this is an unmissable collector’s item. Todd’s affection for his audience is integral to his life and work, and this shines out from every page, In fact, the book starts and ends with a visual love letter to his fans – no spoilers, but you’ll love it!

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"I truly focus on the work and creating great art for people to enjoy in their homes. I don't have an agent or publicist chasing things down. They come to me through fans, so I have an easier time not having to "sell" myself. Right now, I feel I'm on this path: I work harder than anyone and I don't rest. So when rewards come my way, I see them as a rung on a ladder to grab hold of the next step."



When you look at a Todd White image, you might feel a bit off balance.  That’s because the world as seen through the eyes of Todd White is – well – just a little off kilter.  The reality is there, somewhere.  Boulevard Magazine has been fortunate enough to use a number of Todd White creations over the years as covers and inside art in the magazine.  We’re not the only ones.





October 2012 | Read the Full Article Here

Art of England Sept 2012


September 2012



The Todd White Art Project was just honored by the State of Texas in recognition of creating both the Todd White Art Project and donating $3000 in art supplies from Asel Art Supply to Hobby Middle School!
There is so much more work to do!
Coming soon to another school near you!



Artist Enhanced Giclée on Canvas
Limited Edition of 25 / signed and numbered
16 x 32" (unframed)
Tee Time Collectors Edition

"This artist enhanced Giclee called "Tee Time" is an artist unique that I personally painted on to make each one of these in this edition a one of a kind. I have changed all the socks to be completely different as well as added lots of paint to the clubs, shoes and grass."

-Todd White

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Hand Embellished Giclée on Canvas
Limited Edition of 125 / signed and numbered
32 x 28" (unframed)
SO WINE ABOUT IT Collectors Edition

"While my long history for painting groups of women
is well known from angels to ex's I have learned one thing.
Women still confuse me but God how we love them.

I give you my latest experience to enjoy"

-Todd White

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The wait is over. Todd is proud and privileged to showcase one of his greatest limited edition collections to date much to the excitement of Galleries and Collectors alike.
"The story of peoples lives are written into their features and mannerisms.  I simply capture and exectuate them" Todd White
Pieces include:
On Again, Off Again
If You Knew Heartbreak Was Coming
Craving For You
Girly Drinks
My Favorite Three Words
Her Satisfied Place
Passing Notes At The Bar


Todd has been awarded one of the United Kingdom's most prestigious accolades in the shape of the Diana Princess of Wales Gold Medal, after donating his portrait of the Princess to the Diana Awards charity.
Only 11 people to date, Todd now included, have been honoured with the Award. Todd flew to London last week to officially receive the award.
Todd had painted the late Princess as part of his Woman collection, citing Diana and her work as an inspiration in his own life. Earlier this year, Todd made the decision to donate the portrait to the Diana Awards charity which was set up in her name after her tragic death. The Diana Awards have given some 36,000 awards to 'young people who act as a force for good' since their inception in 1999. The charity's patrons include Prime Minister David Cameron and the late Princess's best friends Rosa Monckton and Julia Samuel.
Todd's painting, simply titled Diana, shows the Princess in her fun-loving mode as captured on camera by fashion photographer Mario Testino. It is expected that the painting will be auctioned to raise further funds for the charity.
"Princess Diana inspired so many people in her life, and it made perfect sense to me to donate the portrait to the Diana Awards to help raise money that will go towards encouraging young people in their own endeavours, whether creative, charitable or entrepreneurial."
Maggie Turner OBE and Chief Executive of the Diana Award said: "We are thrilled and incredibly grateful to Todd White for choosing the Diana Award as the recipient of his fabulous portrait of Diana. The portrait serves as a reminder of Diana's passion for life and fun, as well as capturing her ability to inspire the lives of others a quality inherent in our 36,000 Award Holders."

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Actor-director Sylvester Stallone has purchased Todd's prestigious Bar Tales (Wizard of Oz) piece.
Bar Tales was created to mark the 70th anniversary of the landmark film The Wizard of Oz, and the painting was the keynote work of the 'Inspirations of Oz' Fine Art Collection exhibited in Miami as part of the anniversary celebrations.
Stallone, best known for his movie roles in Rocky and Rambo, has long been a fan of Todd's work. He has been well-known as an art collector internationally for over two decades now, snapping up pieces by Colombian painter Fernando Botero amongst others. In collecting Todd's work, he joins fellow Hollywood actors, while continuing a boxing-related collector theme after world heavyweight boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko visited Todd in his studio this year.
Perhaps less well-known is the fact that Stallone has himself been painting since his teens, signing his early pieces 'Mike Stallone'. In 2009, he exhibited some of his own abstract expressionist portraits at Art Basel Miami Beach, one of the world's biggest art fairs. Earlier this year, a further 30 works went on show as part of a Stallone retrospective at Gmurzynska's gallery in St. Moritz, Switzerland.
For Todd, Stallone has long been an influence. "Like pretty much everyone else of my generation, Sylvester Stallone is a huge, larger-than-life character whose work has really influenced our culture," he says. "His portrayal of Vietnam veteran John Rambo and his career-defining role as Rocky Balboa in 1976 produced flawed, nuanced heroes for our time, and you just can't help but be influenced by such performances."
Todd has plans to join forces with Stallone on future works - watch this space!

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During his recent trip to the United Kingdom, Todd made headline news in the national newspapers when he donated his portrait to the late princess's posthumous charity, the Diana Award.

The Daily Express newspaper, one of Fleet Street's oldest and most respected dailies which boasts millions of readers, ran a large article on Todd, penned by the newspaper's royal correspondent, Richard Palmer, and including a colour image of the painting. In the British media, royal correspondents are employed specifically to report on any stories relating to the country's royal family, all of which enjoy widespread coverage thanks to the British people's famous connection to their heritage and tradition.

In the article, Palmer calls Todd "one of America's most popular artists" and writes glowingly about his "striking" portrait of the much-loved late Princess of Wales, whose death in 1997 provoked a national outpouring of grief.

Todd's portrait captures the Princess as most people would choose to remember her, in her more carefree and fun-loving mode. The Diana Award charity, whose trustees include some of the Princess's closest friends from her public and private life, plans to auction the painting to raise vital funds for its work helping young people across the UK.

News: The Famous Collection


With his profile growing all the time, Todd's had more than a few brushes with the rich and famous. Inspired by the crowds and cameras that buzz around celebrities he's created his new "Famous Collection". These exclusive limited edition prints include:
· One Seat Left
· Girl Party Reunion
· Opening Night
· Action Sticks
· All I Remember Was
See Todd talking about his inspiration for these pictures in the video section.

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Free and Easy


Todd's global reputation keeps on growing as he's interviewed by Japanese lifestyle magazine "Free and Easy'.  The interview covers a day in Todd's life, his interests and which designer accessories he admires

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UK Fashion Icon Abbey Clancy chooses Todd White as her favourite artist.  Todd is planning to paint Abbey in 2012.



The Art of Todd White is finally here.  The book stands as a celebration of this very independent artist and will be a real treat for collectors and fans alike.  Part biography, part portfolio, The Art of Todd White features a broad collection of paintings, sketches and anecdotes, and is designed to offer readers a rare glimpse into the fascinating mind of the artist and the creative journey behind his unique style of work.

The book is accompanied by 2 limited edition prints which are available only with the book.  As a history of his career to date, the book also serves to mark a significant milestone of Todd's incredible rise to international success.

Todd adds: "I want my collectors to see this book as one of the most interesting art books ever made and for them to further connect with me, my work and my personal trials and tribulations.  I also wanted to produce a substantial book for my collectors, its been three years in the making"

Coca Cola | Todd White


Todd has provided a series of inspirational sketches for Coca-Cola Light bottles and cans. His unique box signature appears right on the product, which is the first time Coca-Cola has given credit to a fine artist in this manner. "The opportunity to work on this project with Coca-Cola was exciting," says Todd. "Coke is part of our pop culture, a common touchstone for people all over the world. It's inspired scores of artists, from Andy Warhol and Keith Haring to Norman Rockwell and Guy Peellaert."
"This served as my inspiration, both in working with Coca-Cola and in creating the initial sketches for the project. Any marriage between art and the corporate world is precarious at best, but in this case I think we've achieved something that invokes thoughts of joy, romance, laughter and intimacy - feelings that, like art itself, the world could use a little more of."
To commemorate this historic event, Todd has released a limited series <Link to sketches> of the original sketches.

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Todd's painting 'Drinking ' was used for the front cover of Art Business Today, on their commemorative centenary edition.
ABT is the leading trade magazine for the art industry in the UK. Running since 1905, it is published by the Fine Art Trade Guild.
The characters in Todd White's paintings are having a ball - drinking, smoking, flirting, smirking - and with appearances on American television's biggest entertainment shows on his CV and Hollywood A-list actors among his collectors, so is Todd White.  He explained to Mike Sims why he feels he has 'lucked out'
You have a very clear signature style.  Did you develop this very early on?
From when I was a kid, I've loved comic books, cartoons and especially the work of Frank Miller of Batman:  The Dark Knight Returns and Sin City fame, and Eric Sokol, who did those beautiful girls for Playboy magazine.  I still see elements of their styles in my work.  I also learned a huge amount in animation.
Such as?
I would draw up to 14 hours a day at Warner Brothers, working alongside some of the best in the business, so I really learned how to draw.  I have a very confident stroke and I don't labour over a line.  The way I use black comes from the technique of blocking, the idea that you can tell what a character is doing from the silhouette alone.  In Breathless, my painting of a guy at full stretch over a piano. It's impossible to mistake what he's up to.
There are some stylistic similarities with Egon Schiele
Definitely! I was really excited when I found about Schiele.  But he is very downbeat.  What I paint is the Rat Pack era of cool - people partying, a cigarette in one hand and a drink in the other.
Which is all very glamorous…
That's why I like it though some people would really flip out about the cigarettes,  I used to get asked to paint them out which is why I painted I'm quitting tomorrow, in which everyone is smoking - so much that the top of the painting looks nicotine stained!
As the lead character designer of SpongeBob Squarepants you have a profile most artists can only dream of
Warner Brothers called me in to discuss an idea for a series.  I came back with some drawings and give years later, it's everywhere,  But it grew quite slowly.  It was during the show that I decided to quit animation to become a painter.
How did you get into the art market?
As an artist you have to go to the right places to find your audience.  If you're painting hip scenes, you have to show in hip places so I started out showing my work in high-end, Martini bars in Beverley Hills.  Kelly Scott, who is now my agent, bought three of my paintings in one of those bars.
Who are your buyers ?
I once found myself in a bar with Sting, watching his fans approaching him - from 18 year old girls to 80-year old guys in suits and diamonds.  That's what I want, I thought, and I lucked out. Young people buy my work because they think 'that's me, that's how I am' and the old guys think: 'that's me, how I used to be'.  Art should engage people, it's not about matching the carpet or curtains.  It's like the movies or music: there should be a connection.
I can imagine that your paintings might make great cartoons
There was an idea to create a kind of 'Sopranos' cartoon of the characters but now I am against that. I don't want the paintings to be seen as merchandising.  I like being an artist; I'm kind of goofy so I like the aura of cool it confers.

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Todd chatted with Larry King moments before the legendary host held a world exclusive interview with Paris Hilton after her release from jail. They talked about Todd's recently unveiled Pechanga Collection, and Larry was enthusiastic. "Great work," he said. "I'm thoroughly impressed! You're not only seriously talented you're the funniest serious artist I've met!"
"Larry is a legend." Says Todd. "It's very surreal, walking out on stage with not only him, but a list of 50 celebrities staring at me. I just rolled with it and I made jokes about it and people were laughing. It was great fun."

Evening News


The man who designed SpongeBob SquarePants is opening a new show in the Capital exhibiting his paintings of glamorous Hollywood nightlife.

Todd White, who was also the official artist of this year's GRAMMY Awards, will stage his first Scottish exhibition in Edinburgh.​

His iconic pictures of musicians and movie stars have won over a crowd of celebrity fans, including Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas, and he has been dubbed "America's coolest artist."

Original paintings by White are currently being snapped up by investors, with some rising value by around 3000 per cent over three years and now selling for more than GBP 75,000. Prints of his work are already among the best-selling in Britain.

The Hollywood resident will be speaking about his work at the opening of the two-week exhibition on April 6, as part of a 12-date UK tour. One visitor will also win a unique chance to have their caricature sketched by White.

He said; "I've never been to Edinburgh before and I'm very excited about it."

"My work is inspired by people I see around me. I take a sketchbook wherever i go, and I might see someone in a cafe and draw them. I want people to be able to relate to my work, and see a bit of themselves in it. It's more important for me to draw a scene and an expression than be anatomically correct. I got into animation and that taught me a lot about drawing. I worked on SpongeBob for four years, and I still feel the character's mine. I miss the camaraderie of being around other artists."

White was working as a tennis instructor when his work was spotted by animation bosses at Warner Bros. He worked on Tiny Toon Adventures, before becoming lead designer on SpongeBob SquarePants in 1996.

Set in the underwater city of Bikini Bottom, the cartoon became a surprise hit around the world. It won numerous awards and appealed to both children and adults with its quirky and sometimes sophisticated humour.

However, White quit the show and decided to pursue his passion for fine art. He set out to capture both the glamour and the seedier side of Hollywood nightlife.

Exhibition organizer George Rendall said today : "His prints are probably our best-selling ones. I think part of his appeal is that people can see themselves and their friends in his characters. They have all got that cheeky look to them!"DRAWING ON HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR

The man who designed SpongeBob SquarePants is opening a new show in the Capital exhibiting his paintings of glamorous Hollywood nightlife.

Todd White, who was also the official artist of this year's GRAMMY Awards, will stage his first Scottish exhibition in Edinburgh.

His iconic pictures of musicians and movie stars have won over a crowd of celebrity fans, including Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas, and he has been dubbed "America's coolest artist."

Original paintings by White are currently being snapped up by investors, with some rising value by around 3000 per cent over three years and now selling for more than GBP 75,000. Prints of his work are already among the best-selling in Britain.

The Hollywood resident will be speaking about his work at the opening of the two-week exhibition on April 6, as part of a 12-date UK tour. One visitor will also win a unique chance to have their caricature sketched by White.

He said; "I've never been to Edinburgh before and I'm very excited about it."

"My work is inspired by people I see around me. I take a sketchbook wherever i go, and I might see someone in a cafe and draw them. I want people to be able to relate to my work, and see a bit of themselves in it. It's more important for me to draw a scene and an expression than be anatomically correct. I got into animation and that taught me a lot about drawing. I worked on SpongeBob for four years, and I still feel the character's mine. I miss the camaraderie of being around other artists."

White was working as a tennis instructor when his work was spotted by animation bosses at Warner Bros. He worked on Tiny Toon Adventures, before becoming lead designer on SpongeBob SquarePants in 1996.

Set in the underwater city of Bikini Bottom, the cartoon became a surprise hit around the world. It won numerous awards and appealed to both children and adults with its quirky and sometimes sophisticated humour.

However, White quit the show and decided to pursue his passion for fine art. He set out to capture both the glamour and the seedier side of Hollywood nightlife.

Exhibition organiser George Rendall said today : "His prints are probably our best-selling ones. I think part of his appeal is that people can see themselves and their friends in his characters. They have all got that cheeky look to them!"



Following his official appointments with the GRAMMY® Awards and The Wizard of Oz - 70th Anniversary, Todd will be painting the late Princess Diana.
'Diana, Princess of Wales', Todd White's portrait in tribute of the iconic Princess, will be unveiled in London and is scheduled to be bequeathed to the fund or one of its worthy charities. Todd is extremely excited about the project, which will be one of his most anticipated and challenging to date. The unveiling of the piece is sure to attract huge media interest around the world.

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"Are you ready kids?...Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob SquarePants - Absorbent and yellow and porous is he! SpongeBob SquarePants! If nautical nonsense be something you wish, then drop on the desk and flop like a fish!
If you don't recognize the previous lines of verse, then it's safe to say you don't have little kids. SpongeBob is the genius postmodern Nickelodeon cartoon to which my children and I are addicted. SpongeBob, the nerdy undersea straight man, plus Squidward, Mr.Krabs and all of his scuttling little friends were originally drawn by 34 year old Texan born artist Todd White, who's rags-to relative riches bio goes like this: 20 something, high school art start White is giving tennis lessons, where he meets a lady who knows a guy at a Los Angeles cartoon studio who hires him as a studio gofer; a position he players into a clean-up artist gig, which eventually turns into a job as head cartoonist for a quirky toon (SpongeBob) that eventually goes global.
But White didn't want to ink cartoons forever, so after a few years of drawing, he tosses his hate into the fine art ring, finding that Hollywood taste-makers like Vin Diesel bought his canvasses like hot cakes.
White's paintings feature sophisticated cocktail party scenes rendered in a modernist melange of styles from Modigliani to Max Beckmann (the Rat Pack meets Picasso is White's favourite description).  They remind me of those celebrity bar room murals from the 1950s, for which I have a soft spot.  Although White's crowd-pleasing painting may never end you up in the pages of Art in America, who cares.  HES THE GUY WHO DREW SPONGEBOB! And he'll be drawing cartoons and signing autographs from 11 a.m. to noon on Saturday at the Louisiana Children's Museum

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For years, Todd has been promising to devote an entire collection to his favorite girls - much to the excitement of Galleries and Collectors alike.
"Unfortunately, I have never been good at expressing myself to women, so I paint my conversations with them. Enjoy!"
Pieces include:
Always on the Run
Flirting With Disaster
A Little Fling
Sleep with Me

todd white wizard of oz.png


Todd was invited to contribute to the Wizard of Oz 70th anniversary event, heading up a small group of acclaimed artists chosen to reinterpret the classic movie. Todd's painting 'Bar Tales' was the highlight of The Inspirations of Oz Fine Art Collection, a special exhibition event held in Miami as part of the anniversary celebrations. "It was a real honour to be selected by Warner Bros. to take part in this commemoration," says Todd. "The impact that this film has had on people and culture all over the world is amazing."
Todd also co-hosted the lavish celebration party with Jennifer Oz LeRoy (granddaughter of Mervyn LeRoy, the producer of The Wizard of Oz), which was attended by art collectors, designers, celebrities and international luminaries. The evening also featured The Ruby Slipper Collection, featuring custom-made works of art from the likes of fashion designers Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin and Moschino.
In addition to 'Bar Tales', Todd has created a few special Oz themed paintings, 3 of which will be made available as special collector Limited Editions. Each piece will be released separately at intervals throughout the year. With the exception of the official exhibition piece they will all be kept under wraps and only unveiled on their release!
Selected pieces from The Inspirations of Oz Fine Art Collection will be featured as Limited Edition US postage stamps, and some of the originals along with The Ruby Slipper Collection, will be auctioned at a gala event, with all proceeds donated to worthy causes.



Todd White, who was an animator on 'SpongeBob SquarePants,' will have a show at the Hyatt Regency on Saturday.
He hangs out with celebrities and his artwork hangs predominantly at Rodeo Drive studios, but have no doubt about what painter Todd White is capable of - this guy could beat you to a bloody pulp in a handful of seconds.
And the way he talks, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt just might if you say the wrong thing to him.
"You know what I hate, I hate when people come up to me and tell me that I'm really lucky." He said. "When someone says something like that to me, I just want to punch them in the face."
As White will tell you, he's earned his artistic stripes, honing his skills as an animator for the critically acclaimed "SpongeBob SquarePants: Nickelodeon animated series, then as a dogged self-promoter of his new fine art gig.
On Saturday, White is planning to have one of his largest art openings yet at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa. Starting around 6pm, White will be joined by staff at The Gallery Huntington Beach, handing out customized caricature martini glasses to guests who purchase his giclée prints or originals.
White is at a key moment in his young artistic career - an optimistic place where he's got enough ego, talent and marketing savvy to become an artistic success in the image-conscious enclaves of Los Angeles hipster culture.
His artwork is the Rat Pack meets Cubism, a two-tone snapshot of Southern California's social elite, sipping overpriced martinis, callously socializing and forever trying to be seen.
"What makes Todd's work so successful is that people see themselves in his paintings." the gallery co-owner said.
Whether it's the shallow conversations enjoyed by the 10 cigarette-clad gadflies in his painting 'Bar Code' or the sultry swank of the four socialites in 'Drinking Boas.' White has a way of capturing body language and form in a timeless sense of cool. His art is marketed to connoisseurs of the good life, willing to fork over $1,000 a print because his work gives them that sense that they understand art. They get what he is trying to accomplish.
His art reminds people of their best moments, White said.
"And that's the funny thing about memory," he said. "Somehow, the way we remember things is always better than the way it actually happened."
White knows when to be a gentleman, but off the cuff he is prone to profanity-laced tirades, hustler sensibilities and an unapologetic pursuit of commercial success.
He loathes the image of the starving artist, plagued with laziness and addicted to drugs and self-pretension. Despite his constant depiction of cigarettes and booze in his work, White said he never smokes and never touches the bottle. He is prone to 14-hour painting stints. He made his mini-empire, he said, by targeting his audience, leaving miniatures of his work on expensive sports cars in Beverly Hills and European imports along Sunset Boulevard.
Now he has his sights on even bigger aspirations.
"I want a chance to expose my art to everyone, whether they like it or not, I want people to get a chance to see it," he said. "Eventually I want to become the symbol of art for this era. When people think of art in our times, I want to be the one they're thinking of."
Lofty goals for a man who started out as a humble animator, but if commercial success is any indication of legacy, White could be on the right path. He's already sold more than $40,000 worth of his work at The Gallery HB and his originals are collected by celebrities including Vin Diesel and Hugh Hefner.
Success works in strange ways, said the gallery co-owner, and if White plans to maintain his success, he'll have to retain what makes him inspired, and what simply makes him. "Is it the artist that makes the art what it is," she posits, "or is it the art making the artist who he is?"



SpongeBob's Todd Draws Mary and Mark
ET hopes aboard the Thug Tug when "SpongeBob SquarePants" lead character designer TODD WHITE drops by the set for a visit with MARK STEINES and tells the ET anchor how he got involved with the popular Nickelodeon cartoon.
"STEVE HELLENBURG created SpongeBob and I came in and developed all the characters with him" explains Todd, who began his career in animation at Warner Bros. on "Tiny Toons". "I just dove head first into it and spent two months going through every creature in the ocean and making them fit the look of the show.  I've probably drawn over 200 characters".
The artists who work on "SpongeBob SquarePants" put their unique personalities into the myriad denizens of the deep that flip out over the secret recipe for Krabble Patties, always keeping in mind their target audience: The kids who watch Nick.  So Todd's reaction to the recent controversy, declaring the animated character is gay, is that it is "ridiculous".
"SpongeBob is an innocent child" Todd tells Mark.  "This is the mentality of SpongeBob.  He's a kid.  He says kid things.  He does kidlike things.  Anyone who is a parent of a six-year-old knows exactly what I am talking about.  He's an innocent child.  It's just pure innocence".
That said, Todd is hoping to take the next step in his career and focus on his fine art.  And he already had a great start.  VIN DIESEL, HUGH HEFNER, MACAULAY CULKIN, ERIC McMCORMACK, RYAN STILES and JOE ROGAN are just a few of the celebs who have purchased Todd's work, which can be seen at his website.
"Every morning I wake up and thing, 'Oh my God, I get to pain", he says "I get to express myself, to write my song in painting on a canvas."
In honor of his visit to ET, Todd created a special painting of Mary Hart and Mark on the red carpet, which took him a week from start to finish.  He begins with an inspiration, usually he has the title of the painting before he begins.
"You two are the hub of what's going on in Hollywood, so what better painting at this time of year, Oscar® time, to put you two on the red carpet," Todd points out "We've got you and Mary with your ET microphones on the red carpet with all the paparazzi behind. I've even got Mary's beautiful, wavy,blond hair".



Todd White doesn't smoke. He's not flirtatious. And he rarely drinks anything stronger than iced tea. Yet, he'll spend hours each weekend in bars and nightclubs. So what's the big attraction? The 33-year-old artist is people watching - listening, observing, looking for a humorous social scene to capture, sketch and transfer onto canvas.
Fueled by a fascination for revealing his characters' innermost thoughts, he watches people interact, creates a story in his mind and infuses their expression, character and personality into his interpretation of the social scene. Using bold colors and exaggerated features, he paints a striking and insightful portrayal of his subjects. White reveals that he must conceptually see the story in his head before he ever begins painting... even naming the piece before a brush touches the canvas. When creating that story, he doesn't spend time on inconsequential backgrounds. Rather, he focuses on what's essential to the painting. Hands are a focal point, and according to him, a telltale expression of the subject's state of mind. "Take Al Pacino - without his hands, he's not nearly as interesting to watch," he remarks.
White is inspired by humor - the type of humor you find where friends, lovers and work mates gather. The artist maintains that our public persona both reveals and hides who we really are. White captures those subtleties with such amazing precision that his artwork is captivating, almost infectious. His unique, Rat Pack-meets-Picasso style has sparked the interest of numerous art galleries, collectors and celebrities.
White, who worked in animation for 13 years, was the lead character designer for the hit cartoon series, SpongeBob SquarePants. After four years with the show, he was ready to move on. Feeling like "a professional athlete in a minor league club" White made the transition from animation to fine art, a leap he says is typically unheard of in the industry. Though he has no desire to return to animation, he says the experience truly honed his drawing skills and taught him how to create expressions and capture personality with a pencil.

Artist Painting on Canvas


"I completed Hard Candy a few years before it came out as a Madonna album," says Todd. "One day I started to get a ton of e-mails from collectors assuming that I'd endorsed the album, which I hadn't. At the end of the day I'm flattered. I know somebody in her camp is a fan and you have to show respect for what Madonna has achieved."

The White Album Limited Edition Collecti


Good music connects with rhythm and emotion. It takes you to places and lets you feel life from a different perspective. Whether its music, sculpture, painting or performance, art captivates the mind and dances with the soul for an intimate moment in time.

The White Album is an invitation for you to experience and feel the world through my eyes.

Pieces include:

    Feather In Her Cap

    He's Got Her Keys

    Matchbook Dating

    Lie In Wait

    Heartaches Are Free

    Who's Got This Round



Recently some staffers from SoCo TM Magazine toured the international art show known as Art Expo, located at the Javit's Center in Manhattan, NY.  They caught up with what appears to be the next American icon in the world of art, Todd White. Major networks, magazines, even Hugh Hefner has an appreciation of White's exaggerated and textured characters.  Keep your eyes on this guy because he's going places.
So Co TM:  Todd, what exactly is your inspiration for this unique style?
White:  For years I spent my time doing animation, design and drawing, and I believe that these skills delivered me to the point where I am now.
So Co TM:  You obviously can pull out the very essence of human nature with your work.  How do you do this?
White: I don't buy into being influence by other' styles. I basically show the spirit of my subject(s) and attempt to make the audience relate to the image.
SoCo TM:  Your work is a show-stopper; I've watched people here at the show gaze in amazement at the many pieces you have hanging today. What's the hook?
White: I'm self-taught, I paint about good times and I sell happiness. Everyone sees themselves and their friends in a rat-pack style of painting.  There isn't really a hook, rather, I make people do their own assessment of what they see.
SoCo TM: Where do you see yourself going from here?
White: Things have been great but I am still working on my craft. I can tell you that I am still improving and working hard to get closer to the top of my own talent.
SoCo TM: Many of your pieces emote a seductive quality, do you agree?
White: I paint about the issues of people. I guess that is what is on everyone's mind.
SoCo TM:  Thanks for your time, your work is outstanding.

Todd Unveils Official Painting For Gramm


"Lots of people ask me about the Grammys," says Todd. " But for me the best part was the day before the awards. It was like a concert for members only and I was invited. So I go down there, and everyone's there from Justin Timberlake to Mary J Blige. When they saw me they set up this table and began to sign my painting. You would think with those celebrities that they would never get in line, but it was pretty awesome to see this huge line of them waiting patiently to sign my artwork."



By Bryan Philips
Once again, Boulevard is on to something, Todd White.  This issue's gallery talk featured artist, is a pretty safe bet for those possessing a critical eye, they'll be snapping up his relatively inexpensive work now before this nascent artist's career really explodes.  In time, this same savvy art investor will regale fellow cocktail party attendees about this pre-cognition that led them to this latter date Hirschfield, who imbues each of his highly original works with a charm and sensitivity that servers as the subtext to the passion one capture's at first glance.
Those first glances can be deceiving. At his website, Todd's work might at first seem somewhat derivative of a thousand street vendors, but a closer examination reveals a true talent lurking beneath and ready to pounce.  A Talent not lost on the creators of some of the most contemporary animated programming being produced today.  Anyone in the know is aware of the phenomenon that 'SpongeBob Squarepants' has become.  White's work for the Nickelodeon show, as well as for that network's Tiny Toon Adventures (presented by Steven Spielberg) servers as some pretty major validation for this 33 year-old Texas native.  If one had the foresight to buy some of Tex Avery's and Friz Freleng's early work before they become pillars in the animation pantheon, one would roughly be having the same feeling a seasoned collector experiences when discovering White's work for the first time.
As a self-taught artist, White's work shows the lack of artistic shackles that can be the unwelcome by-product of years of "formal" Training .  Indeed, his uninhibited approach to his subjects results in a visceral freedom of flow, movement and composition that is paradoxically graceful and inelegant at the same time.  Whatever the process is…It works.  This is one hot tip coming your way:  Buy Todd White's work now, and someday it might be a better investment that southern California real estate.
If you're unsure from the examples on his well-produced website, check out his original oils in person at the Raena Gallery, 8350 West third Street in Los Angeles 323.951.0663 or at Nic's Restaurant and Martini Bar (also Original Oils) 453 N Canon Drive in Beverley Hills.

Exclusive Interview by Heat Magazine.png


Your Move - Talent in the City
Todd was named the official artist at this year's GRAMMY Awards - the musical equivalent of the Oscars - in February, where he was commissioned by the Recording Academy to promote the prestigious music event.
In Liverpool. Some of his new UK canvas editions are on sale.  Todd's work is available to buy from £200 up to a staggering £10,000.  However, one painting of foil music icon, Ryan Adams, can be yours at £20,000.  With such top end prices it's no wonder Todd can count Hollywood stars such as Sharon Stone, Michael Douglas, Vin Diesel and Macaulay Culkin amongst his clients.
Can you explain the idea behind your tour of the UK?
It's really just for me to get a feel for all the people in Europe and to expose my work. It's been really busy for me in the States. So it's been good that I've had a chance to take a break this year and come visit the UK.  It's just nice to get out here.  The show at Hepplestone Fine Art Gallery in Ecclestone, Chorley was amazing.  I don't ever get the opportunity anymore to get out and meet people, so it's really nice to be entering this new market.  So, we're doing a 12-city tour and getting to meet a lot of people.
Have you visited Liverpool before?
Never.  This is my first time. I'm excited to be here and love what I've seen of the city already. I wish I was staying in Liverpool longer, but, due to bad scheduling, we've got to leave early in the morning so I'm only in the city for one night.  But we're having fun.
What was it like growing up in Texas for you?
Well, I left Texas when I was very young at 20.  All my memories about Texas involve doing sports and my time at high school.  By the time I arrived in Los Angeles, I started to get my 'legs' as an animator/artist.  While I grew up painting in Texas, the whole time with my mam, it was only the sort of thing you do as a child.  But the great thing about growing up in artistic family is that I was encouraged to pursue painting as a career.  Every kid likes art, but as you get older people put the pressures of the real world on you.  However, my parents were never like that.  I was encouraged to paint.  And the opportunity arose to get out of town and head for California, which I took.
Is it true that you worked on the SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon?
Yes.  It was my end and final curtain job and last step in animation before moving into the fine art world.  I have been a character designer on several shows before the creator, Stephen Hillenburg, contacted me.  It was a great show and I worked on five seasons in six years before I made the jump into the fine art world.
Did you ever expect Spongebob to be the global success it is?
Yes.  I just felt Stephen Hillenburg and his team had something with it.  There was something so charming about the drawings I would do and I kind of never really understood them, but I sort of knew there was something there.  And I just polished up on some of them and it became what it is today.
You seem to emphasis people's hands in some of your paintings.  Is there a reason for this?
Well. The paintings are all about telling a story and the way people use their hands to talk.  In fact, body language is 50% of communication and I just feel when you get someone who's going to have movement and voice to their body when they're talking, it's going to be a lot more interesting than just watching a robot or puppet move.  I love the reaction and all the movement in the paintings.  The toughest thing about it is coming up with that rhythm and flow and to keep composition in check.  And to be able to tell a story in a set space of 24" by 32".  So, it's both trying and rewarding all at the same time.
Are the people in your paintings at Rennies Gallery based on those you've met?
No. They're all based completely on images I've had in my head.  Except for the Ryan Adams one.  This was kind of a homage painting because I listen to his music so much.  I saw this photograph of him and I liked the face and the way his hair was, so I thought, 'I've got to paint this'.  And he is the only one where I wasn't commission to do, I get a lot of celebrities wanting to commission me to paint them.  But Ryan Adams was never solicited.  And I really like it, it is one of my favourite paintings.
What compliments do you get from celebrities who buy your work?
In order to really make it in the film / entertainment industry you have to have your own personality that is bigger than life and I think they really see themselves within my paintings, as we all do.  They identify with it.  And I think it's people in general, celebrity or not, who perceive a painting, and have done for many years, as an ambience piece in the background, in other words music that is just a background noise.  But now it's starting to come around and there are some artists doing some really great stuff about relating to and recognising a painting which is great.
Are you still practicing the Ju Jitsu art form?
Oh yeah, I train three days a week. And it's the only thing I do to stay in shape and stay sane.  But when you work for yourself and work really hard, you don't have as much contact with friends every day.  I'm usually telling people what to do and acting as a boss all the time, overseeing everything, so it's really good to go there and get my head driven into the ground! It keeps my feet on the ground so they say!
How would you describe your property?
Y'know, I live in a pretty small place.  It's like a moth's house! Seriously, I spend so much time in my studio / gallery, which is like 2500 square feet of a warehouse, which I really love and enjoy being in all of the time.  My house, however, is just somewhere I watch TV and sleep in.  I eat out all of the time.  My cousin lives with me and my girlfriend stays a lot.  It's a pretty nice old place with a back yard for my dogs.





Artist Unveils Unique Oil-on-Canvas Painting at Nominee Press Conference in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (Dec 7 2006) - Talented painter Todd White was selected to create the official artwork for the 49th Annual GRAMMY Awards, it was announced today by The Recording Academy®.  His captivating oil-on-canvas painting depicts a lively, colourful scene that celebrates music and the wide recognition of the GRAMMY Awards,  The piece will be used as the official image for the world's premier music event, as well as grace the cover of the 49th Annual GRAMMY Awards program book and promotional poster.  The 49th Annual GRAMMY Awards will be held on Feb.11, 2007 at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles and will be broadcast live on the CBS Television Network at 8 p.m. (ET/PT).

"From its ability to connect people and transform individuals to its attitude, color and mood, music is powerful and ever-evolving.  The Recording Academy is proud to have a unique artist of Todd White's calibre and passion involved in capturing this canvas of emotions in the 49th GRAMMY Awards artwork," said Recording Academy President Neil Portnow.  "Todd's paintings are infectious, and his official GRAMMY piece truly captures the unique spirit and allure of Music's Biggest Night TM."

White's oil-on-canvas paintings have been described as "art with a twist".  Whether capturing timeless scenes with contrasting colors or stolen moments in dominant colors of red, khaki, black and white, each tells a story of passion between lovers, friends, patrons and co-workers. Scenes depict intimate evening filled with wine, martinis, coffee, cigarettes, cigars, cameras, and most importantly, the human spirit.  Physiques are exaggerated and texturized to illustrate the subject's story, whether it is masked masculinity, flowered femininity, humor or elusive mystery.  Details and backgrounds are manipulated to captivate the viewer's eye and transplant him into the scene.  Each painting is asymmetrical in nature yet confident and strong.

White's rat-pack-meets-Picasso style results, in part, from his desire to reveal his character's innermost thoughts and emotions on their faces.  White likens his portraits to his favourite episode of the "Twilight Zone" in which people wore masks that later became their faces and revealed who they truly were.  In addition to more obvious influences, such as Austrian Expressionist Egon Schiele, White credits Frank Sinatra, Audrey Hepburn, Bridget Bardot, Nat King Cole and the style and feel of "the age of cool."  His original-oil-on-canvas paintings and limited edition prints have enjoyed considerable success in art galleries in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.  Reminiscent of the German Expressionists, White seems to have captured an international trend in attitude, color, and mood.  NBC's "Extra!" recently named him the "Hot New Artist" most sought after by high-profile celebrities. Collectors of his work include Vin Diesel, Michael Douglas and Hugh Hefner, among others.

Established in 1957, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences Inc, also known as the Recording Academy, is an organization of musicians, producers, engineers and recording professionals that is dedicated to improving the cultural condition and quality of life for music and its makers.  Internationally known for the GRAMMY awards, The Recording Academy is responsible for groundbreaking professional development, cultural enrichment, advocacy, education and human services programs - including the creation of the national public education campaign What's the Download® (  For more information about The Academy, please visit



The honor.  The excitement.  The glamor. The anticipation. The hearts full of music and the eyes on the prize.  These are always elements of GRAMMY night, and this year such ephemeral elements have been brought strikingly and vibrantly to visual life in the GRAMMY's annually commissioned work of original art to celebrate the Awards show and the events leading up to it.
This year's piece was created by Los Angeles-based painter Todd White, whose aesthetic blend of late-night chic and slyly absurdist humor is perhaps best summed up as "Rat Pack-meets-Picasso".  Bold colors and characters, a strong sense of closing-tine community, and an ever-present playfulness are hallmarks of White's painting, all of which work together to create images that the artist hopes viewers find both entertaining and engaging.  "Some artists express themselves in a way that they know is going to be difficult to relate to" says White "I don't work that way at all.  I'm expressing myself, but I know that you can relate to it. There's nothing bizarre going on, and nothing academic to explain.  You don't need an art degree to appreciate it.  I love when people look at my paintings and say "That's me and my buddies jamming.  That's us on the weekend after the 18th hole".  I'm not interested in being 'difficult' I want my work to have a sense of fun and I want my paintings to tell a story".
White's own story has something of the feel of a fairy tale.  He was fresh out of high school, working as a tennis pro coach in Texas ("I wasn't much of a pro" he explains "I was teaching kids and old ladies").  The son of one of his older students worked in the animation department at Warner Bros and happened to catch sight of a sketchbook White had been working on between tennis duties.  White was asked if he would consider a career in animation.  He answered yes, and within weeks he had moved to Los Angeles to being work as an entry-level member of the animation staff for "Tiny Toon Adventures".  White was hungry for as much instruction and critique as he could get from the animation artists around him, and quickly rose to more creative positions. Eventually, he became part of the lead animation team for "SpongeBob SquarePants!" where he specialized in character design. And when a colleague mentioned that White should try his hand at painting, that offhand comment ignited a brand new passion.
"I went from dabbling to becoming obsessed with painting" he says "I was in book stores reading up on everything I could and I spend a lot of time talking to other artists, trying to get information"

Woman Painting


Pechanga Resort & Casino, already one of the major gaming operators in Southern California, further distinguished itself when it unveiled a new art collection from Todd White, a noted expressionist who was this year’s official artist for the Grammy Awards.
The oils on canvas depict several casino scenes and characters in a Rat Pack meets Picasso style, described as "art with a twist."
The collection includes an initial six paintings that capture timeless scenes with contrasting colors or stolen moments in dominant colors of red, khaki, black and white. Each painting tells a story of passion between lovers, friends, patrons and co-workers.
Scenes depict intimate evenings filled with wine, martinis, coffee, cigarettes, cigars, cameras and most importantly, the human spirit. Physiques are exaggerated and texturized to illustrate the subject’s story, whether it is masked masculinity, flowered femininity, humor or elusive mystery. Details and backgrounds are manipulated to captivate the viewer’s eye and transplant him into the scene. Each painting is asymmetrical in nature yet confident and strong.
"The Pechanga Collection is a first for the Indian gaming industry and just the latest example of our commitment to always perfecting the Pechanga experience," said Amy Minniear, President of the Pechanga Development Corporation.
The Pechanga Collection By Todd White will eventually include 11 original oil-on-canvas paintings that will portray gaming themes. Limited edition, 40"x30" giclees (spray ink prints) of the original paintings will be available for purchase by the public in the Pechanga Gallery. The remaining five originals will be unveiled later this year.
In "Full House," the 6'x9' canvas that will hang in Pechanga’s lobby over the concierge desk welcoming all to the property, the viewer experiences a double entendre and all of the excitement that Pechanga offers. It is the largest painting White has ever created.
A multi-cultural audience under the Great Oak, a symbol of strength and spirituality for the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, enjoys all of the camaraderie, anticipated fun and full schedule of activity portrayed.
"The leaves of that great tree dissolve into all the numbers they will experience and float throughout the background, always hinting at the possibilities that await them at Pechanga," White said.
"Single Deck" and "No More Bets," both 5'x8' canvases, are the second-largest paintings by White.
"No More Bets" will hang in the casino as guests enter from the hotel lobby. It portrays players at a roulette table and is full of anticipation, possibility and promise at the moment in the game when everyone is still equal as the dealer makes the call.
"At the exact moment in the painting, everyone is still a winner just before the ball drops," White said.
"An important thing to remember," says White, "is that this entire collection is multi-cultural. Everyone is having a good time together. Whatever your background, the gaming makes everyone equal."
Five more paintings will be added to the collection later this year. The largest, "Full House," will be on display in the hotel lobby so it will be the first thing people see when they walk in the door. White said he took that into consideration when he made the six- by nine-foot painting.
"I wanted to capture everything (in ”˜Full House’)," said White, who even incorporated the trademark Pechanga Oak Tree that is present throughout the casino, along with an eclectic group of people.
White stayed at Pechanga as a guest and observed people; it was based on those observations that his paintings began to take shape. Key to his painting, said White, is observing people, which he does a lot. "I love to go to bars to observe drunks; I don’t drink, but I like to watch them. I love drunks."
White would find great inspiration in Las Vegas’ casinos as well.




Dark - is my most intimate collection to date.  These paintings reflect a darker range of my moods, of life experiences, of the thoughts that occupy the far corners of my mind. Seduction, spirituality, vunerability, aggression, vanity, and indifference become expressed in bold, sometimes uncomfortable ways.

Pieces include:

    Hard Candy

    The Hills

    The Lies She Tells, I Believe Them So Well

    Arc De Triomphe

Light - it's no secret that I am known for my 'nightlife' pieces. My 'Rat Pack' vibe - men and women enjoying life to the fullest has struck a chord with people in every walk of life.  However anyone who knows my work understands that I am always evolving, reaching new directions. WithLight I unveil a collection that celebrates the bliss of the everyday - romance, friendship, playfulness and pure joy.

Pieces include:

    Feet Off The Couch

    All Lit Up Again

    If I Didn't Laugh I'd Cry

    Someone's Pretty Baby



The Color of White
By Cassie Gibbons
It's 2 am and while most Santa Clarita residents are asleep in their beds, acclaimed artist Todd White is wide awake and working,
White burns them midnight oil creating images of martini-toting socialites, nail-biting vixens, and pursed-lipped musicians loitering in moody bars, beckoning bedrooms and smoky nightclubs. A description of his work reads, "Within the exaggerated features and texture skin of his characters lies truth - yours and theirs."
He is celebrated among celebrities. His sexy, intimate pieces are demanded by such high profilers as Hugh Hefner, Vin Diesel and Glenn Close.
With creativity and enthusiasm on his palette, White's life as a painter has been a journey of chance, excitement and challenge.
White wanted to be an artist since sixth grade. Hating math and having little ability to spell, it was then he knew what he wanted. Gaining inspiration from comic books and his mother, an art teacher, he would first copy comic books and as time grew he began creating his own characters.
While drawing at a local comic store in Texas, White's destiny became apparent.  An executive from Warner Brothers was visiting his moth and gave White the opportunity of a lifetime - going and working at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank as production assistance for Tiny toons Adventures and then for character clean up a year later.  The years following brought much success.
Having never attended any form of art school, White landed the job as one of the artists for the hit show SpongeBob SquarePants with John Kricfalusi of Ren and Stimpy fame.  After working with Kricfalusi, White's future as an artist was assured.
White on hiatus from SpongeBob SquarePants, Nickelodeon Studios would host "Galleries" and Todd became a frequent featured artist.  His paintings would sell out before the evening was over.  White was growing in popularity while maintaining a grueling schedule.  He would pain six days a week, and on Sundays he would work solely on SpongeBob.
When Spongebob went into syndication and the constant production ceased, White has the time to focus only on his art "I just have this amazing ability to bring personality to my characters" says White,  And it is true.  Most of White's paintings are shown throughout Hollywood where many onlookers contest that they can relate to most, if not all, of White's works.
This is because white is known for finding his inspiration from "real" people.  He always makes sure to bring a pencil and paper everywhere he goes.  If White hears a funny joke or witnesses a compelling moment amongst a large group of friends, he portrays it on paper.
Those real moments captures on canvas are avidly sought after by art collectors across the country.  His paintings are sold throughout the United States, and he has recently sold some pieces to galleries in the United Kingdom. White's paintings range anywhere from $4,000 to $65,000.  White also takes special requests for a mere $6.000 to $12,000 a piece.
When White isn't portraying "real" life characters you might find him teaching Brazilian Jujitsu or just roaming around the mall "I love to shop! I am such the clotheshorse," explains White "I have also recently gotten into furniture shopping and I just can't stop!"
White's success is enviable: He has managed to make his passion his life's work.  Even though his work is in such high demand at the moment, he still loves doing it "I refuse to produce less-quality work just to get more out there," White confesses "I don't want to just be a good artist - I want to be legendary!"

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