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Recently some staffers from SoCo Magazine toured the international art show known as Art Expo, located at the Javit's Center in Manhattan, NY.  They caught up with what appears to be the next American icon in the world of art, Todd White. Major networks, magazines, even Hugh Hefner has an appreciation of White's exaggerated and textured characters.  Keep your eyes on this guy because he's going places.
So Co:  Todd, what exactly is your inspiration for this unique style?
White:  For years I spent my time doing animation, design and drawing, and I believe that these skills delivered me to the point where I am now.
So Co:  You obviously can pull out the very essence of human nature with your work.  How do you do this?
White: I don't buy into being influence by other' styles. I basically show the spirit of my subject(s) and attempt to make the audience relate to the image.
SoCo:  Your work is a show-stopper; I've watched people here at the show gaze in amazement at the many pieces you have hanging today. What's the hook?
White: I'm self-taught, I paint about good times and I sell happiness. Everyone sees themselves and their friends in a rat-pack style of painting.  There isn't really a hook, rather, I make people do their own assessment of what they see.
SoCo: Where do you see yourself going from here?
White: Things have been great but I am still working on my craft. I can tell you that I am still improving and working hard to get closer to the top of my own talent.
SoCo: Many of your pieces emote a seductive quality, do you agree?
White: I paint about the issues of people. I guess that is what is on everyone's mind.
SoCo:  Thanks for your time, your work is outstanding.

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