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By Bryan Philips

Once again, Boulevard is on to something, Todd White.  This issue's gallery talk featured artist, is a pretty safe bet for those possessing a critical eye, they'll be snapping up his relatively inexpensive work now before this nascent artist's career really explodes.  In time, this same savvy art investor will regale fellow cocktail party attendees about this pre-cognition that led them to this latter date Hirschfield, who imbues each of his highly original works with a charm and sensitivity that servers as the subtext to the passion one captures at first glance.
Those first glances can be deceiving. At his website, Todd's work might at first seem somewhat derivative of a thousand street vendors, but a closer examination reveals a true talent lurking beneath and ready to pounce.  A Talent not lost on the creators of some of the most contemporary animated programming being produced today.  Anyone in the know is aware of the phenomenon that 'SpongeBob Squarepants' has become.  White's work for the Nickelodeon show, as well as for that network's Tiny Toon Adventures (presented by Steven Spielberg) servers as some pretty major validation for this 33 year-old Texas native.  If one had the foresight to buy some of Tex Avery's and Friz Freleng's early work before they become pillars in the animation pantheon, one would roughly be having the same feeling a seasoned collector experiences when discovering White's work for the first time.
As a self-taught artist, White's work shows the lack of artistic shackles that can be the unwelcome by-product of years of "formal" Training.  Indeed, his uninhibited approach to his subjects results in a visceral freedom of flow, movement and composition that is paradoxically graceful and inelegant at the same time.  Whatever the process is…It works.  This is one hot tip coming your way:  Buy Todd White's work now, and someday it might be a better investment than southern California real estate.
If you're unsure from the examples on his well-produced website, check out his original oils in person at the Raena Gallery, 8350 West Third Street in Los Angeles 323.951.0663 or at Nic's Restaurant and Martini Bar (also Original Oils) 453 N Canon Drive in Beverley Hills.

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